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Here information on our business and technical cooperation activities around the world are available.

In "Consulting" we tried to make progress in continuing project activities, and in "International Cooperation", and "Study and Research", we conducted a number of feasibility studies leading to a few ODA projects. We also executed training programs for people coming from developing countries. Our training courses were planned for better understanding of new technologies, systems and applications in Japanese ICT fields.

ICT Consulting Business

  1. Planning for enhancement and refurbishment of networks
  2. Planning and conducting surveys for Master plan preparation
  3. Preparation of equipment specifications and tender documents
  4. Assistance to evaluation of tenders and procurement process
  5. Assistance to project Implementation and coordination
  6. Support services on design, procurement, construction and maintenance
  7. Assistance for modernization of administration and management process

Survey and Feasibility Studies

  1. Feasibility studies for Telecom & Broadcast system
  2. Study and Research for specific needs
  3. Organizing Study Meetings
  4. Follow up Global ICT Trends & Developments
  5. Public Relations and Other ICT activities

International Cooperation

  1. Dispatch of survey and study teams
  2. Dispatch of telecom experts
  3. Advanced Telecommunications Training Projects
  4. Plan conduct Training programs, seminars/forums
  5. Coordinate Telecom/Broadcast executives to participate in Conventions

Other Related Fields

  1. Introducing Japanese Technology to other parts of the world
  2. Human Resources Development programs
  3. Intercultural Exchange Programs
  4. Organizing Conferences & Forums

Our Clients Around the World

Afghanistan Algeria Angola Argentina Bangladesh
Bhutan Bolivia Brazil Brunei Bulgaria
Burkina Cambodia Cameroon Chile China
Colombia Cook Islands Djibouti Ecuador Egypt
El Salvador Ethiopia Fiji Gambia Ghana
Guatemala Guinea Honduras India Indonesia
Iran Iraq Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Korea Kuwait Kyrgyz Lao
Lebanon Liberia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia
Maldives Marshall Islands Mauritania Mexico Micronesia
Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Nicaragua Nigeria
Niue Oman Pakistan Palau Panama
Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Rumania
Russia Samoa Senegal Singapore Solomon Islands
South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland Tajikistan Tanzania
Thailand Timor-Leste Tonga Tunisia Turkey
Uganda Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam
Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe 88 Countries